Omnibus ex nihilo ducendis sufficit unum.
``To make all things from nothing, unity suffices.''

The Kravchuk Encyclopedia

Ph. Feinsilver and J. Kocik

So it is written on a medal entitled Imago Creationis and designed by Leibniz to ``exhibit to posterity in silver'' his discovery of the binary system.

Note on spellings. Since the original articles appeared in the French Academy journal C.R.A.S., the French spelling Krawtchouk was used and has been generally adopted.
We will use with equal propriety the English spelling Kravchuk, which, in fact, we encourage in the current context.

This is the beginnings of a `Kravchuk Encyclopedia'. From the outline presented here, as the project develops, the gaps will gradually be filled in. We hope that you will find lots of interesting material in this work.

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Krawtchouk Matrices

Kravchuk Polynomials


Other Examples

To experiment with K-transforms: Try Here

To see Kravchuk matrices to order 20: Kravchuk matrices

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